Our story

Foreword by Chairman

About 40 years ago, I was a senior crafts teacher. I taught my students technical drawings, how to design and make nice furniture. My students told me that it’s not easy to know everything in the industry, like how to produce furniture, how to sell furniture and how to manage the business. Back then, I agreed with them. However, I still quit teaching and invested most of my then-salary and savings into a furniture business. From here, our journey begins.

In 1972, I started a small workshop for handcrafted wooden TV cabinets, speaker casing and fine jewellery boxes. Five years on, KODA made the first chair and made its first steps into the world – we exported our first container to the U.S.

In 1985, when Singapore’s manufacturing costs and standards of living began to rise, we moved our production facility to Malaysia and deepened our roots with our second facility in Vietnam in the year 2000.

In 2001, KODA went public on SESDAQ with a strong financial background.

In 2003, to enhance cost competitiveness, KODA further expanded its operations to Dongguan.

In 2006, notably, we were named by Forbes Asia as one of the top 200 companies outside the United States with an annual revenue of less than US$1 billion; as well as profiled by Italy-based CSIL Milano – a leading global furniture industry research house – as amongst the top 200 furniture manufacturers worldwide in its 2006 report. We were also ranked by Trade magazine as one of the top 10 furniture exporters in Vietnam. All in all, these awards, accolades and recognitions signify that our operations have flourished over the year.

Nowadays, good furniture does not just mean you can use a table and sit on a chair for many years – durable furniture may not sell well if the designs are out-of-date. Being at the forefront of design and technology, KODA is now able to reach out to the world with its range of products, creating a global presence. KODA is a leading OEM and ODM, priding ourselves on quality workmanship, broad production and market base, and strong financial records. KODA’s dedicated and experienced team is proud to serve customers from around the globe.

Lastly, I must not forget to thank all of you – our CUSTOMER. Our business would not be where it is today without you. Working with you is always a great pleasure and inspiration. Thank you for your support and partnership as we continue on this journey together.

What makeS us unique?

Here in KODA, furniture is not only about wood! We bring in new elements to our design and provide a wide range of choices. From natural material like marble, terrazzo, rattan, …. to handmade finishing on metal, we’re ready to inspire you!

When it comes to crafting a prefect home, furniture plays an important role to make or break the space. KODA’s core value is from our in-house designer. With no exception, they have an instinctive understand of what our customer needs and create common ground where aesthetics, usability and manufacturing are in harmony.

Let’s bring your design to real life! Our dynamic R&D team with draftsman and 50 experienced carpenters work hand in hand with designer and you to make sure the sample is right before going to mass production.

Immaculate care is taken in every stage of the production process – from concept through crafting – to ensure that the highest quality standards are met

Corporate responsibility

Sustainability stands hand in hand with quality at KODA

Our promise to you.

Together with  low formaldehyde panel, our products feature ethically sourced wood from sustainably managed forests and lacquers and coatings with low lead content.

The furniture is green.

We are defining and broaching “green culture” in our furniture making, to a feasible extent, by emphasizing supplies from responsibly harvested trees, low formaldehyde panel, low lead content lacquer and embodying energies more efficiently in production process. “Green culture” needs to be a statement of emphasis, branching into a greener pasture is a significant mark and easing the loadon the landfill is a responsibility – underlining our eco-freindliness clout.