Executive Chairman and CEO

James spearheads the Group’s operations and growth strategies. He has initiated a range of industry-wide projects in Singapore, Vietnam and China, and has drawn on that experience to formulate our business development strategies, strengthen supply chain management, broach new design concepts and manage our international marketing efforts. In addition, he also contributes technical knowledge by advising our Research & Development (“R&D”) and production teams on product development and processes. 
James served as the President of the Singapore Furniture Industries Council (“SFIC”) for two terms, during which he advised the SFIC on matters relating to the development of Singapore’s furniture industry. During his illustrious tenures as President, James initiated several successful projects including but not limited to the International Furniture Fair Singapore (“IFFS”) and the Singapore Furniture Industry Park in Kunshan, China. He was also appointed the Chairman of IFFS Pte Ltd and the International Furniture Centre Steering Committee, where he established the IFFS as a world-class trade show and positioned Singapore as a premier furniture hub for the global market. 
James also spearheaded the multi-agency, three-year Local Enterprise Association Development (“LEAD”) programme, which partners industry associations to enhance industry and enterprise competitiveness. 
James was appointed to the Board in 1980 and holds a Diploma in Management Studies from the Singapore Institute of Management.