Executive Director, Sales & Marketing 

Ernie manages the Group’s Sales and Marketing functions, and has significant experience in international marketing and corporate branding. He helms the Group’s marketing initiatives, particularly in customer relationship management, client base diversification, trade fair participation, new product launches and marketing talent recruitment. More specifically, he is in charge of our furniture fair management, formulating the Group’s strategies for new market penetration, and devising pricing plans. 
Ernie has been with the Group for more than 15 years, during which he has rapidly expanded Koda’s market share by reaching out to more than 190 customers across more than 35 countries. He is instrumental in identifying the latest design trends and meeting changing consumer preferences. He is also the Chairman of Commune Lifestyle Pte Ltd. 
Ernie served as President of the Singapore Furniture Industries Council (“SFIC”). He is currently Chairman of International Furniture Fair Singapore Pte Ltd and the SFIC Finance Advisory Committee. He is also Chairman of SFIC’s Local Enterprise and Association Development (“LEAD”) Programme for SFIC, a multi-agency program that partners industry associations to enhance industry and enterprise competitiveness. He was also appointed Co-Chairman of the Independent Experts Panel for the Furniture Industry by Enterprise Singapore. 
Ernie was appointed to the Board in 2001 and holds a BSc in Marketing from the University of Oregon (USA) and an MBA in International Marketing from the San Francisco State University (USA). He was last re-elected to the Board at the 2016 AGM.